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    Have you ever wanted to really “Make a Difference” but did not know what to do? Perhaps you have wished that you could help those who truly need help, but you just did not know where to start. We are currently facing difficult times with many in need and there are not enough programs available that allow caring people to make a small contribution that will have a huge impact. Nor a program that guarantees every contribution made is used entirely in your community to assist families and children with basic necessities of life.

    The City of Milan, the Milan Ministerial Association, the Milan Mustard Seed and the Milan Public Utilities has partnered to begin such a program. The program selected and approved to accomplish these efforts is an innovative program called “Round Up” and every Milan Public Utilities customer has the opportunity to participate. The Milan Mustard Seed will be responsible for administration. The Mustard Seed is a long established, well respected multi-denominational organization centered on helping those in need within our community.

    How does Round Up work?
      • Each month your utility bill will be “round up” to the next highest dollar amount. Example: If your bill is $52.71, it would be “round up” to $53.00. The “Round Up” contribution would be $0.29.
      • The “Round Up” amount would be your monthly contribution and appear as a separate line item on your bill as “Round Up Fund”.
      • Round Up does not take the place of but works in conjunction with US of Milan.
      • Based on an average of $0.50 per month from each utility customer, approximately $48,000 annually could be generated through this program.

    How can I participate?

    • Call MPU at 731-686-1537

    Remember this is an opportunity for you to make a huge impact by assisting those who are in need simply by participating in the Round Up Program.


    TVA and MPU offer the energy right® heat pump plan for you at no money down, low interest rates, and ten years to pay for this energy efficient central heat and cooling heat pump system. All you do is make monthly payments on your utility bill.
  • Energy Right® Residential New Homes Plan

    Provides attractive cash incentives to builders of new homes in the MPU area. Builders receive special services and may choose to use program promotional materials designed to help the new home buyer recognize them as quality conscious, energy right® home builders.
  • Water Heater Rebate

    Install a new electric water heater in your home or business and receive up to $50.00.
  • Surge Protectors

    Get peace of mind with surge suppression products that will help save your appliances and electronics from damage. They are among the best available and carry a 100 percent lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.
    • First Level
      Meter base protection unit leased from MPU for $4.95 per month.

    • Second Level
      A companion kit of surge protection devices provides for added protection for more sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers, TV’s and phones.

  • Security Lighting

    The outdoor security light turns itself on at dusk and off at dawn. For a small monthly fee MPU provides the light fixture, pole, installation, electricity and maintenance. Give yourself a lighted secure feeling from vandals, prowlers and thieves.
  • Project “US of Milan”

    Customers may add $1.00 or more to their utility bill each month. This money in its entirety, with no administrative cost deducted, will go toward helping the truly needy meet their energy cost. All recipients of this financial aid will be approved by the Milan Mustard Seed. Deductions can be stopped at any time.
  • Levelized Billing (Residential Only)

    Budget your monthly bill with levelized billing.
    • A great choice for anyone, especially for those on a budget – no more surprises when the electric bill arrives following unseasonably hot or cold weather.
    • We average your current month's usage with your previous 12 months usage to arrive at approximately equal monthly payments.
    • A safety calculation is used to keep a customer's levelized bill from jumping too much from one month to the next.
    • A customer may not have an outstanding balance prior to participating in levelized billing and must have at least 12 months of prior billing without disconnection for non-payment.



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