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  Effective July 1, 2015  
  Residential Deposits   FICO Credit Score Rating
  $0   700-850 Satisfactory
  $125   660-699 Good
  $250   Less than 660 Fair/Poor
  General Power Deposits  
  Not to exceed twice the highest estimated bill at requested location.
  Miscellaneous Fees  
  Connect Fee $25.00
  Collection Fee   (delinquent bills, etc.) $20.00
  Reconnection Fee  (working hours) $20.00
  Reconnection Fee  (after hours) $65.00
  Meter Test (Single-Phase) $10.00
  Transfer Service Fee $25.00
  Returned Check Handling Charge $25.00
  Security Lighting  
  Light Installation Fee $25.00
  Light & Pole Installation Fee $100.00
  Monthly Pole Rental  
    Poles set prior to 3-01-03 $2.00
    Poles set after 3-01-03 $2.45
    Poles set after 9-30-12 $3.23



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