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The Milan Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at 5000 Dreamwood, is a two-stage trickling filter plant with a design flow of 2.55 million gallons per day. It treats an average of 1.5 MGD of domestic and industrial wastewater before discharging into the Rutherford Fork of the Obion River.

Primary treatment of the wastewater consists of solids removal by screening and settling. The sludge is then removed using a rotary press system and disposed of in a sanitary landfill.

Secondary treatment involves two trickling filters that biologically reduce organic nutrients and ammonia as well as additional settling of any remaining solids.

Tertiary treatment involves disinfection using sodium hypochlorite and removal of this disinfectant using sodium thiosulfate.

The plant consistently meets or exceeds its NPDES permit requirements set forth by the State.

In addition, Milan’s Pretreatment Program is administered from the plant. There are 2 significant industrial users currently permitted to discharge to the wastewater treatment plant. These industries are required to monitor their discharge for pollutants and meet specific regulations and limitations as set forth in the program.


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