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The Milan Water Treatment Plant is located at 161 Chapel Hill Road, south of Milan.

The maximum design capacity of the plant is 6 million gallons per day (MGD). The average daily flow from the plant is approximately 1.5 MGD and the peak daily flow has been 2.0 MGD.
The plant’s water supply comes from 4 wells that pump at an average of 1800 gallons per minute (GPM).

The water is not filtered, but is processed as follows:

  • Aerated to remove excess carbon dioxide.

  • Lime is added to increase the pH of the water from around 5.5 as it leaves the ground to around 8.0 as it is pumped into the distribution system.

  • Fluoride is added for dental hygiene purposes.

  • Chlorine is added as an anti-bacterial agent and is typically 1.0 parts per million as it enters the distribution system.

After the chemical additive process the water is stored in an on-site clearwell that holds 1.25 million gallons of treated water.

The plant maintains a generator back-up in case of power failure and can run for several days without power.

The treated water is pumped into the distribution system by 4 high service pumps that pump at an average rate of 1800 GPM. It is stored in 3 water towers inside the city with a capacity of 250,000 gallons in the Kefauver tank, 500,000 gallons in the Nance Street tank, and 750,000 gallons in the Maycor tank.

The pressure in the distribution ranges from 35 PSI to 90 PSI depending on your location.




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